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Green Coral and Fish


Turtle Conservation

We have been working tirelessly on conserving endangered freshwater and sea turtle species since our inception so that we can bring them back from the brink of extinction and preserve these beautiful creatures for our future generations. We use a multi-pronged approach towards turtle conservation that entails education in schools, field trips and public awareness campaigns, so that we are able to preserve our unique biodiversity.

Sea Turtle Conservation

Mangrove Restoration

Green Hope Foundation recognizes the critical importance of mangroves in protecting our ocean ecosystem and life below water. Hence, we focus on educating people about mangrove conservation through our sustainability academies, with our mangrove restoration projects ranging from conducting cleanups to mass plantations. So far, we have planted more than 25,000 mangroves and restored over 3000 sq. km of mangrove ecosystems.

Sustainability Academies on Mangrove Conservation
Green Hope Foundation Mangroves ESD Canada.jpeg


Green Hope Foundation Mangroves ESD Sunderbans.jpeg


Mangrove Planting
Mangrove Cleanups

Adopting Animals

At Green Hope Foundation, one of the ways we do our bit for biodiversity conservation is by adopting animals and helping to support their care and protection. To protect life below water, we have adopted an endangered Hawksbill Turtle named Nadia.

Green Hope Foundation Hawksbill Turtle.jpg
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